Project “Hidden Souls”

As you may know, artistic projects which relate to painting, sculpture or photography, need to come with a so called “Statement”, a brief or long description of the project itself, so the viewer, curators at galleries, jurors from awards and magazine editors can understand and put into the artist’s context the whole series. Saying that, the blog posts in the weeks to come will explain my projects you can find in the website.

This week, I would like to introduce the project “Hidden Souls”. In this series, the main subject is always the human presence, even though no human being is ever physically in the image. One of the characteristics of street photography is the use of people, as we tend to find attractive viewing what others do and how they behave. However, in this project, I didn’t want to have a person, but objects and places full of humanity left behind by us. We leave a very deep and wide trace in our environment, more than any other living creature in the planet, without even noticing.

My intention with these photographs is to invite the viewer to think about what we are missing every day because we are too busy to pay attention to our surroundings, abandoning our presence in form of daily objects, full of solitude and sadness, shouting silently in despair while waiting for us to look back at them, so they won’t be alone any more. Somehow, I believe these feelings are very common in our society nowadays, and I wish you can relate while viewing this project.

“The work of a photographer is to reveal hidden things” – Matt Black