Project “Lost in Translation”

Keeping up with the same subject I opened on my last blog post Project “Hidden Souls”, I would like to continue explaining the actual projects you can find in this site. This week, it’s time for the Lost in Translation project Statement. Ready?

In this project, my main goal is to experiment and discover minimalism in Street Photography, using abstraction techniques like negative spaces, black and white images and deep lights and shadows. I would say this is the more technical project I have done so far in terms of composition. You will find strong lines and colours, following the well-known rules of composition every photographer and artist learn about.

We tend to see the world around us as a whole, everything being linked and connected magically. Following this idea, my goal here was to isolate objects, nature and situations from their environment, putting them in the spotlight on their own, without anything interrupting the public from the main character. The reason I chose the title “Lost in Translation” is because I think thanks to the isolation of the object, its context disappears, floating in the void, lost forever.

“Dig in, follow your instincts and trust your curiosity” – Susan Meiselas