Project "Oneiric Nature"

I have recently added a new project to my gallery and the online shop which moves away from Street Photography, as it focuses mainly on nature but with a different aesthetic to classical Landscape Photography. "Oneiric Nature" invites the viewers to take a relaxed walk through a calm and dreamy scenario, losing themselves into the images.

The technique I followed to complete this project does not differ much from my usual Street Photography style regarding the camera work, even though I tried to shoot in low light conditions to give a dark feeling. What I changed was the digital post-production on Adobe Lightroom, fading the details so the edges would vanish and slightly merge together to add the desired dreamy look to the images. 

The reason why I decided to do this project away from Street Photography is just because I love nature. Long walks around the forest or by a riverside are like a therapy to release myself from stress and rejoice from the beauty of natural wonders. I wanted to give the images the fading look as, unfortunately, it is most probably those landscape will disappear due to the human action destroying the environment, remaining in my memory like a dream I once had.

Ten of the photographs included in this project are available for purchase and delivery at the Prints Shop.

"Emotion is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick" - Christopher Anderson