New Year, new goals

After having "disappeared" for quite a long time due to moving to a new and different country, Denmark; I am glad to announce that I am back again to get the most out of this new year 2018. Even though I am not quite a New Year's Resolutions kind of person, I need to take my photography to new and exciting levels I cannot wait to put in place.

I have few new projects I am working on, experimenting with pinhole cameras and film photography, and exploring how to develop my street photography along with discovering my most artistic way of expressing my ideas with more intimate images. I hope I will have all these projects ready as soon as possible to showcase them in here and write about them and the process I followed to complete the new series.

My handmade pinhole camera

My handmade pinhole camera

The last big news I want to share in this blog post is that I have finally decided to sell some of my images as prints worldwide. You can now purchase a selection of my photographs from anywhere in the world and get them deliver right to your door. I have included a section called "Prints Shop" on the left hand side of this site which will lead you to the prints available. I hope to keep adding more photographs as it develops, so remember to keep updated through my Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and blog subscription (sign up below). Happy New Year 2018!

"Photography is the beauty of life captured" - Tara Chisholm